Time to Wean … Time to Microchip!

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If you haven’t weaned your foal already, it will soon be time to. No matter what the future may hold for them one thing is clear, it’s the perfect time for microchipping. While microchipping provides peace of mind, it’s also a mandatory requirement for registering your horse with many equine breed societies.

At Gippsland Equine Hospital we believe microchipping is another way of proactively protecting your horse, along with vaccinations. For the month of March we are offering a super offer on Microchipping and 2 in 1 (Tetanus + Strangles) vaccine.


Get your horse microchipped for $108 at the clinic or for $108 plus travel off-site*.
A whopping 20% off our regular rate and vaccinated with 2 in 1 for just $35*

Call and make an appointment for your horse today and take advantage of these super March savings.

*Travel to your location will be charged separately. If a consultation is required a consultation fee will be charged separately.
Offer is valid from Friday 1 March until Friday 29 March 2019.

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