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Maffra Veterinary Centre

Maffra Veterinary Centre has grown from a single practice in the 1930s to its current format of Gippsland Veterinary Hospital encompassing its three practices. While the practice was initially grown by servicing the farming sector, the increase of companion animals and horses has necessitated the development of services and expertise in these areas.

We are able to provide high quality veterinary care for your companion, production, pleasure and racing animals. With state of the art facilities we are able to provide a premium service and ensure quick and thorough medical attention for your animals.

Whether it be at the clinic, a home visit, on the farm, or on the track our team of skilled and dedicated veterinarians and vet nurses will take care of your animals needs.

Location: 10 Johnson Street, Maffra.
Opening Hours: 
Monday – Friday: Consults 8.00am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 8.00am – 12.00pm
24 Hour Emergency Service

Gippsland Equine Hospital

Gippsland Equine Hospital was opened in July 2011, located at 31 Beet Road, Maffra; Gippsland Equine Hospital is a purpose built hospital complete with operating theatre, stables, crush, day yards and paddocks. Gippsland Equine Hospital has surgery facilities that enable safe anaesthesia and recovery of horses in a special padded room adjacent to a purpose built surgical suite. There is a set of stocks that allows dental, minor surgical and reproductive procedures to be undertaken under cover. Our digital radiology, endoscope and ultrasound units have been moved to the hospital as well.

There are five stables, all lined with padded rubber to make a comfortable stay for patients.There is also a double sized stable purpose built for mares to foal down in under supervision of our staff that will be monitoring horses via cameras that can be accessed remotely.

The extra area will allow us to run embryo recipient mares so that our embryo transfer program will be more accessible to those mare owners that don’t have their own recipients. Mares staying for reproductive (AI) programs will be able to stay in safe post and rail paddocks for the duration of their stay.

Location: 31 Beet Road, Maffra.
Opening Hours: By Appointment Only
24 Hour Emergency Service

Sale Veterinary Centre

At Sale Veterinary Centre we pride ourselves in providing Excellence in Veterinary Care. Sale Veterinary Centre has provided a caring and quality veterinary service to the people of Sale and surrounding areas for well over 40 years now.

Our qualified, caring and dedicated team are all pet owners too and provide the best of care to animals and a professional, friendly service to owners.

The clinic has excellent facilities including ultrasound, digital radiography and blood testing laboratory equipment. This ensures that we are able to provide quick and thorough medical attention for your animals.

Location: 262 York Street, Sale.
Opening Hours: 
Consults 8.00am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 8.00am – 12.00pm
24 Hour Emergency Service

10 Johnson Street, Maffra, VIC, Australia

17 Johnson St., Maffra VIC 3860, Australia

44 Johnson St, Maffra VIC 3860, Australia

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