Equine Gastroscoping Day 7th August 2019

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Gastric stomach ulcers are not just a problem for race horses. All horses from ponies to Clydesdales are prone to ulcers, and it is especially important after our drought- to ensure that your horse has not got ulcers from lack of continual grazing. Many factors influence the development of ulcers including; Diet, Exercise Intensity and Stress!

There are many things that we can do to help reduce the likelihood of stomach ulcers developing, but once ulcers are present there are only a select few treatments that are proven to be effective in treating them. The other complication with treating gastric ulcers is achieving a positive diagnosis.

In some cases, we are able to identify behaviours (e.g. Girthy or snitchy during work) that suggest ulcers may be present, other times our horses or ponies may show more vague clinical signs, such as being just a little bit off or mildly colicky.


Without using a camera to look in the horse’s stomach there is no way to absolutely confirm the presence or absence of ulcers and therefore develop appropriate treatment and ongoing management for affected horses.

With the help of Randlab, we can reduce the cost of the procedure by hiring their scope for a single day, rather than referring your horse to a specialist.

To register your interest in our Equine Gastroscoping Day, please give Gippsland Equine Hospital a call – 5147 1008. Places are limited, so make sure to book!

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