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Dairy & Beef Cattle

Our experienced team of cattle and mixed practice vets provide ambulatory emergency care 24 hours a day for dairy and beef cattle farmers across Gippsland. We pride ourselves on our preventative medicine focus, and our vets are encouraged to develop an in depth understanding our our clients’ farming operations so that they become an integral part of the farm’s management team.

Designed for dairy farmers and delivered by dairy vets our ProDairy program provides best-in-class proactive health management in partnership with our dairy clients.

Herd Health Programs

Our veterinary team offer a comprehensive range of herd health services with a focus on preventative health and productivity.

General & Ambulatory Services

24 Hour comprehensive ambulatory service including medicine, surgery, obstetrics, lameness, teatesealing heifers, calf disbudding.

Cattle Reproduction

Synchrony and joining programs, pregnancy testing both manual or ultrasound with vets NCPD accredited vets in Ultrasound. Foetal sexing. 

Mastitis Management

Mastitis investigation and control. Identification of mastitis pathogens. Farm specific treatment and management plans.

Bull Testing

Comprehensive assessments for beef and dairy bulls to ensure they are in optimum condition for service.


Identification of disease and farm specific pathogens using Apiam’s diagnostics laboratory including developing custom vaccines.


Guidance and assistance with implementing sound biosecurity measures to protect dairy farms from the spread of disease and pests.

Product Support

Product advice and on-farm supply across vaccines, medications, consumables and general over the counter products.

The proactive approach to dairy systems with our ProDairy program focuses on preventative health by the monitoring of disease status within a herd. Early identification of animal health issues provides the best opportunity for treatment with minimal impact on profitability.

ProDairy treatment protocols guide the use of all prescription medicines under the supervision of dedicated Herd Veterinarians.

The scale of the Apiam business and national network of clinics means we can provide our ProDairy member clients with competitively priced products delivered to the farm gate.

Finally, our service programs have been designed with farmers in mind. They have been extensively road-tested to deliver value and improved efficiency on-farm.