August is Pet Dental Month

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And with statistics like this it’s no wonder we need a month dedicated to getting the message out there that dental health for your pet is pretty important.

Dental disease is preventable and there is no better way of making sure your pet’s pearly whites remain smile worthy than our FREE DENTAL CHECK UP* on offer throughout August 2018.

What is dental disease?

Dental disease is caused by the accumulation of plaque. Plaque irritates the gums at the tooth-gum interface, and the bacteria it contains proliferate in the groove around each tooth. The bacteria and their by-products cause further inflammation and eventual destruction of the periodontal ligament which anchors the tooth in the socket.

Before dental procedure

After dental procedure

Make an appointment today for your pet and take advantage of our Free Vet Nurse Dental Check-up for your pet.

*Dental check performed by Vet Nurse. Offer valid for August 2018. 

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